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Is ginger ale better than other kinds of soda?

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asked 5 years ago by Shelbie (2,400 points)

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Real, 100% actual ginger ale made with real ginger is slightly better because of the ginger in it. However, the ginger ale you get in a grocery store is only better than Cola because it doesn't have all the phosphates and caffiene; otherwise, it's still just a soda pop. However, many people like it when they are sick because the bubbly feeling can settle stomachs a bit and ginger ale provides hydration without the sickly sweet taste of other sodas.
answered 5 years ago by Tanashai (19,160 points)
Ginger ale is free of phosphates? I had no idea! Interesting. I thought all carbonated beverages were high in phosphates, including seltzer. I definitely prefer its taste to other beverages when I'm sick. Real ginger beer / ginger ale is an ENTIRELY different drink, huh? The first time I had it I was amazed by how gingery it is. I keep meaning to make my own at home.
I've heard that the real, honest to god ginger beer/ale has a real kick to it, lol! And you can make your own ginger ale too using sugar, water, ginger, cloves, club soda and lime wedges. That's probably healthier too, lol.
Just because something makes an upset stomach feel better, doesn't mean it's good for you. Vodka may make you feel better, too, or maybe even a smoke, but this doesn't mean it's good for you. The amount of ginger in ginger ale is so small, that this can hardly be considered a drink that's good for you. It still contains plenty of sugar, and often, sodium benzoate, which is no good.

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